Which Casino Games Should Newbies Play in Vegas?



If you are heading to Vegas then you are in for one of the most incredible vacations that you have ever been on. Vegas is famous for a great many things, the ornate hotels, the buzzing strip, some of the world’s finest entertainment and of course, those bright, flashing lights of the numerous casinos in the city.

To the untrained however, a casino trip here in Vegas, whilst exciting, can most certainly be a little unnerving and therefore it is vital that you start off slow, and gradually acclimatize yourself to the casino setting. Hitting a game that you don’t understand could see you not enjoying yourself, and potentially losing money. The trick is to start off in a simple manner, and here are some easy games which you should look to get started with.


I always recommend slots to first timers as this is the perfect way to start off with some gambling, whilst you assess what is going on in the room. Slots don’t require anything from you other than sitting down and playing the machine, no odds, no croupiers and nobody else to put you under pressure. Slots are a lot of fun and they will help to get you in the mood.

Higher or Lower

Many casinos offer a higher or lower game, which is a simple game of chance, with a little bit of skill attached. Basically in this game you will have 5 cards which have been turned over to hide their value. The first card will be turned over and then you will need to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower in value. Gambling-wise this is a game which will usually cost a certain amount, and your winnings will rise as you make your way through the game. Each guess will risk your winnings and if you don’t want to continue, you can take what you have won and move on to another game.

Black Jack

Card games like poker can be challenging and difficult to understand, especially if you plan to try and win some ¬†money in the casino. The best place to go then, to help you understand the casino tables, and to play a fun game, is to hit the black jack table. Be sure first that you are on a low limit table, and not sitting with the high rollers. The game is very basic, you will be dealt two cards, and the idea is to finish with a hand that has a value of 21, or as close as possible. Each round you will be able to decide whether you take another card in your hunt for 21, or whether you will stick at a number that is as close as you feel comfortable. You are playing directly against the dealer here, so if the dealer hits 20 and you have 19, you’ll lose, the dealer can however go bust i.e. cards go above the value of 21, which means that you can win with a lower number. The odds are very simple in this game, either double your money or lose it.

Use these games to help you get started in the casino, and when you feel comfortable you can branch out to others.